Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Turn To Stone!

noisms continues to negate the need for me to write any kind of actual play report of Yoon-Suin, by relating all the salient points. Suffice it to say that, as ever, a damn good time was had by all.

Even by me, when I was pecked by an evil magical peacock and turned to stone. Once the ongoing danger had been averted, and the rest of the party were safe, the question arose as to whether or not I could be moved. There is a monastery several days' journey away, and the monks there may be able to revert me back to flesh (or so the party thinks).

But since I am now literally stone, can I be moved? I was already a STR 16 Fighter in full plate mail, carrying about 300gp, a shield a big axe and a miscellany of adventuring gear. But now that my flesh is stone, could I be moved by five people, who already have to carry a man on a stretcher?

Gut instinct says no, but let's do the maths to check...

For the sake of argument let's say that I am 90kg of muscle (close to 200lbs). If my entire body has been turned to stone then we need to first of all figure out the volume of a human being. Fortunately, someone else has already done the maths, and so a 90kg person would take up approximately 0.09m^3 (m^3 = cubic metres).

Then we need to know the density of stone. A handy table of densities tells us that granite has a density of 2691kg/m^3, while marble has a slightly lower density of 2563kg/m^3. Marble would imply that I was an amazingly good-looking statue, seemingly made by an artisan.

So let's assume it's granite.

  • A 90kg person has a volume of 0.09m^3.
  • Granite has a density of 2691kg/m^3.
  • So 90kg person turned to granite would now weigh 2691 times 0.09 = 242.19kg, or approximately 534lbs.
If Manjeet was stripped naked and all of his possessions left behind he weighs nearly a quarter of a metric ton. noisms is running Yoon-Suin on OD&D, where encumbrance rules supreme. My stone body would have an encumbrance of 5340 coins, far too much for anyone to even consider moving me without an extremely strong cart and a team of pack animals.

And since it looks like we might be having a break from Yoon-Suin, I may be in the garden of the peacockatrice for some time...

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