Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Wicked Wednesday

I'm really looking forward to the next time that I GM or play In A Wicked Age. I love how easy it is to set up, but also want to add some spice in terms of strengths for NPCs, and that takes a fair bit of thought at the start of a session, at a time when you just want to get things going.

I'm working on a random table of 36 strengths. Some are skills, some are really special powers. I'll put a few of them up week-by-week. If you have any more suggestions please let me know in the comments!

Bare Knuckle - the warrior monks trained you in the arts of weaponless combat.
There's a lot of flexibility in terms of style here, but you can't be wielding a weapon of any kind.
PCs use with violence; NPCs use action.

Bind Dead - you can command wandering souls, and even reanimated bodies to be bound to a location, an object - even another person.
You have a collection of talismans and must speak words of power while having a clear perception of who/what you are binding.
PCs use for others; NPCs use action.

Burn - basic pyromagic, controlling already extant fire (growing, subduing, shaping).
To command the destructive element a pyro-mage uses hand gestures and concentration.
PCs use directly; NPCs use action.

Charm - tactile hypnosis grants a subtle power of suggestion over a subject.
Skin-to-skin contact and a clear thought to sway the subject (you have to try and make them feel like it is their idea).
PCs use covertly; NPCs use maneuvering.

Heal - your hands can stir up the force of life and healing in an injured person. You are, quite simply, a lifesaver.
You need time, space and no interruptions. Positive results restore an injured or exhausted person. (the person you are attempting to save will roll covertly and for themselves AGAINST you; you might be trying to save them, but it is an intrusion into their body and sense of self to do so)
PCs act for others; NPCs use maneuvering.

Phase - your body is bound together by your mind, and you can shift the density to pass through or allow objects to pass through you.
A rare focusing crystal embedded in your chest gives you all that you need. It would be awful if it were to break...
PCs act for themselves. NPCs use maneuvering.

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