Tuesday, 17 November 2015


I'm a wrangler again for Secret Santicore this year, which means that yesterday I fired out a bunch of requests to people that have come through to the Santicore. There are some really, really interesting requests, and as I was sending them off all I was thinking was "Ooh, well, you could do this if you want that" and "...you know, that's something I've not seen in a game before, I wonder if..." I'm sure there are going to be some very happy faces when the anthology comes together.

I got my request from the Santicore via another wrangler (or Hellve, as we call ourselves), and so now have two weeks to work on a piece of writing. I enjoyed creating my two pieces for Santicore 2014, but they were huge - way bigger than they needed to be really. They suffered from feature creep and bloat to a big degree. I'm trying to be more concise this year, and am putting a 1000 word limit on things. I have a concept in mind to meet the request that has been given me, and I'll start collecting ideas around that for the next few days. I've got a return trip to Edinburgh to make later this week, so that will hopefully give me time and space to bash out some ideas.

Will think on and find time before I go to write a quick post about one or both of last year's Santicore offerings!

Friday, 13 November 2015

Suddenly, November

Don't ask, I don't know. Where did the last month go? I SAID DON'T ASK! Sorry... ...I didn't mean it, I've been busy and stretched with work and life stuff... Still no need to shout... Yeah I know. Still friends? ...OK...