Games I Have Played

Role-playing Games
  • Cyberpunk 2020 - I bought the sourcebook for this when I was in my teens because it seemed really cool. I was in my 30s before I ever played it though.
  • Mutants and Masterminds - a friend and I tried to play this over Facebook messages. The game seemed interesting, but it was tough playing asynchronously.
  • In A Wicked Age - the game which was my initiation into GMing. Some friends and I also came up with an oracle for use in our mind-bending millenia-spanning setting To The Stars.
  • Apocalypse World - the first game I played with a group, and the one that has really got me into the hobby. Completely set the tone and expectations for what I want from a game: twisting and turning plots, open worlds, the sense that anything could happen and that actions really have consequences (and you usually don't see them coming).
  • Microscope - another recent favourite, great for building deep and breath-taking worlds. A game of real creative collaboration.
  • Dungeons & Dragons - only played it once really. Good fun. (most understated review ever)
  • Revisionist History - a play-by-email game that seemed really interesting, but those of us playing it didn't really have the time to play properly. Would be great to get another game going some time.
  • GHOST/ECHO - a brilliant sci-fi game contained in two pages, easy to get running and as deep and interesting as the people at the table. Recommended.
  • Lamentations of the Flame Princess -  a very cool D&D hack that I've had a lot of fun playing. Patrick DMed for a while, using some original setting pieces of his, and Vornheim and Isle of the Unknown. I've been running a campaign in it for a couple of months which has been lots of fun.
  • Diaspora - we started with this and didn't get very far with the campaign, the mechanics were a bit clunky for our tastes. What we absolutely loved about it was the setting and character generation. We passed a completely happy afternoon coming up with what felt like six real star systems, and some characters who lived in them. Perhaps we'll return to this at some point.
  • OD&D - playing this with an original setting, Yoon-Suin, which is the magnum opus setting of noisms.
  • Dogs in the Vineyard - my first time running a campaign. After a few mis-steps I grew to really love the dice mechanics. And I was blown away by the setting generation suggestions and process.
  • Risus - fast and frantic, anything goes role-playing game. We used it to play a TNG parody.
  • Murderous Ghosts - scary, scary, scary. A two-player fright-fest.
  • Blood & Honor - we played a couple of sessions of this, with noisms running it. An interesting premise, I'm not sure I got my head around the mechanics.
  • What Is A Roleplaying Game? - a fun little thing to play!
  • Vast & Starlit - another fun little thing to play!
  • Into The Odd - played several times with various settings since it was released, including three homebrew settings and hacks. It's great.