Monday, 3 September 2012

The Vornheim Question

Just a short post: I mentioned last week that I had a really great games night on Thursday with Patrick, who was DMing LotFP with the Vornheim book for part of the proceedings. In particular I know that the mission/quest for the evening was based around a character and location featured in Zak's book. Thursday was great.

So here's the problem: should I get and read Vornheim, given that I thought the details Patrick used were really cool and I want to see what the rest of the place is like, or as a player in a campaign that I dip my toe into occasionally, am I cheating Patrick - as DM - of the opportunity to run a session, given that I might pick things up that could provide me with "spoilers"?



  1. Vornheim is less of a setting, and more of a toolkit to create a setting of your own. As such, there's very little in there that would constitute a spoiler; there are a couple of adventure locations that you might want to skip, but otherwise it's lots of useful tools and tricks for running a city adventure.

    I suppose being aware of the processes behind the scenes might count as a spoiler, but there aren't that many hard setting details in there.

    1. Thanks for the info Kelvin! I've not run a D&D/LotFP-style setting before, and thought this might be a good resource to look at.