Thursday, 7 March 2013


I'm moving house. This is the second time in my life I've had to do this. The first was moving in when we got married. Now we've bought somewhere; it's taken over seven months to get it sorted, and now things have just suddenly come together and we have a week to pack the house up and find things which we need for the new place.

I've still had time to do some writing about game-related stuff, but just not had time to get it on here. Hopefully over the weekend I'll have the capacity to share some things. I've been enjoying:
  • making monsters out of my friends - now with a picture!
  • statting up mechs and a knight for noisms forthcoming Pendragons of Mars campaign that we're going to try over G+ - really intrigued by this, especially since an almost throwaway question about mech games suddenly added giant robots to an Arthurian knights game...
  • letting my brain relax from running a campaign - but now thinking that I want to get back to it before the summer comes and I try to run Apocalypse World for my nephew and his friends... I have seriously been bitten by the world-building bug with Somewhere North and now Somewhere South... It's like a permanent itch that needs scratching.
So posts to follow soon anyway, probably stats of monsters first, with horrendous ink sketches for some.


  1. Show me the monster that is me Nathan, let me look myself in the eye.

    1. I don't have a picture yet, alas, but perhaps someone can provide them.

      Your surname anagrammed in front of my eyes and became TU-Rats - a race of bipedal ratlings that live in great psychic communes, unified by their telepathic field, every part aware of the whole group (well, within 50 feet at least). And the description is made up of lots of tables!

    2. You've really captured my essence

    3. I hoped you would be happy!

      In between packing etc this weekend I'll try and get the TU-Rats blogged into existence.