Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Creature: Devil Cats

No bigger than ordinary house cats, these annoying little pack predators are mostly feline - except for the eight legs on their bodies and four horns on their heads. Devil cats meow and hiss constantly, even while asleep. They attack by mobbing their prey, and if encountered in a group will generally herd their young away while attacking whatever they have come across.

They are feared in spite of their small size due to a venom they can inject through their bite. The venom is not poisonous as such, but triggers pain sensations in victims. Although they look bizarre, and despite their name, devil cats are not actually demonic.

Devil Cats
AC: Leather. 1HD
Notes: Typically found in packs of 5+d10 cats, one of which will be a tom (2HD, six horns on head). Once a day cats can inject venom with their bite (d2 damage for bite). If venom is injected, victim must make a save versus poison or can only defend (not attack, not move away) due to the awful agony shooting through their veins. Victims can make a roll each round to try and overcome the agony; successful save versus poison means they have shook off the worst of it and can have freedom of action on the next round. While cats can generally inject venom only once per day, toms inject with every bite.

Devil cats have a curious habit of collecting smooth stones, which they pile in their nest. If you find yourself in a devil cat nest it may be that, by chance, they have found something valuable and stored it with other perfectly ordinary lumps of soapstone.

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