Sunday, 21 April 2013

Monster: Weaves

Art sometimes get a bad rep. On our world people look at graffiti and wonder if it has merit. They look quizzically at a shark in a tank of formaldehyde. And they just don't get why Picasso couldn't get perspective right.

In other places, people look at a bizarre statue: a creature supported by a dozen piglegs, stitched to a cow's body, the head of a gargoyle, creepers growing out of all of the orifices and tree limb arms ending in scythes. "How is that art?" they ask. Then they run screaming as it stirs into life and chases them.

They didn't hear the story about the adventurers excavating under the hill of the Dread Rabbit who found a similar composite creature: a tripod of metal, stone and flesh (a bent broadsword, a three-foot stone column, the leg of a grotesquely fat person) carries a great dead horse head, mouth held shut by nailed bands of metal. A sword spike juts out of the top of the head, tentacles that sprout rosebuds spill out of the eye sockets and nostrils. As the adventurers walked past it shuddered into movement and pursued the group.

These are descriptions of Weaves.

Weaves are from Somewhere Else. Debate among scholars rages about whether they are demons or golems. What is known is that they contain a motivating energy that animates these horrible sculptures of flesh, stone, metal, animals, plant matter - whatever the creating Weave has found and found pleasing to their unholy aesthetic.

Weaves are intelligent and follow two strong instincts: to kill and cause chaos; to make more Weaves. When attacking they will attempt to knockout or knockdown as opponent using whatever limbs they have. A spectral tentacle/proboscis will then unfurl from the creature's body and move to drain lifeforce from the cornered being. When they have drained enough life they create a fist-sized pearl-like shell for a demonic intelligence - the controlling force for another Weave...

These creatures seem to many people to be just another horrible demonic menace, but at times they have been observed - from a distance - to be calculating and scheming. They stockpile matter for creating more Weaves. Some scholars think they have detected patterns to their actions. Some say that there is a reason they are here. Some say they herald the end...

AC: 12+d6. HD: 2+d4.
Attacks: The regular attack a Weave makes is with whatever limbs it has been created with. The number of hit dice a Weave has determines its size; its size determines how great an attack it can make.
A 3HD Weave is person-sized, has an attack that deals d6 damage; one third of the time this is a blade of some kind, the rest, some kind of crushing limb.
A 4HD Weave is the size of a bear and roughly bipedal; it has an attack that deals d6 damage, and 50% of the time this is a blade.
A 5HD Weave is quadrupedal and the size of a very large bull; attacks will deal d8 damage and 50% of the time this attack will be a solid crushing blow.
A 6HD Weave has a size best described as "Oh God! Oh God!" An attack from a Weave this big will deal d10 damage and two-thirds of the time this will be some kind of blade or sharp edge.

A successful attack from a Weave has a (number of hit dice) time 10% chance of triggering a knockdown; victim must make a save versus paralysis or hit the deck for d2 turns.

If a person is knocked down the Weave will attempt (+5 to attack) to attach a strange tentacle sucker that unfolds into the real world; this attack stabs the victim and drains XP. It will look for bare skin, but still attack the person with their full AC. A hit will deal d4 damage to the victim and d2 times 1000 + 5d100 damage to their XP.

The nesting place of Weaves is called a "bolt" and 2-4 Weaves plus d3 incomplete Weaves can be found in one. There will be piles of various kinds of matter, trash, refuse, dead creatures.
Weaves can sense the person in a party with the highest XP and will target them 75% of the time.
A Weave will not attack someone with 0XP unless the Weave is attacked by them.
A Weave will need d8 times 1000XP in order to fashion a pearl shell to house the demonic energy for another Weave. If it reaches this target it will disengage from combat and flee to implant the pearl in another half-made statue (concealed somewhere within d6 miles).
If it loses all HP, a Weave will collapse and seem to fall apart. It is not truly dead unless you crush the pearl, which will be buried in a fleshy part of the creature. If the pearl is not destroyed the Weave will revive after 6d8 hours, recovering 1HP an hour.
Some scholars and magical academics would love to get their hands on a Weave pearl. They would pay for it too. Carrying one for a long period of time might not be a good idea though...

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