Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Making Notes Is Not The Same As Being Creative

Well dur - but that's what I have been telling myself for a while. Blah blah no time blah blah work and life and childcare and hardly even reading anything (apart from Of Dice And Men, which I enjoyed) blah blah.

So: in an effort to get more things done and made and hopefully get playing something again, I'm taking my notes and doing something with them. I keep forgetting, every six months or so, that just because I develop an idea one way, does not mean I cannot do something different with it on a different day.

A year ago I was running a campaign Somewhere North (before I switched in spring to Somewhere South, and that is where we stayed). Had the campaign continued the city of Zelman would probably have been reached. Despite the title of this post, here are some notes that I made about the city but hadn't developed (and now hopefully will):
  • Bars are rare and beer is expensive as a result
  • The coffee-klatch as a meeting place is extremely popular, and they're everywhere
  • Mould wine is popular (NOTE: get translation in Finnish or something to make it sound cool)
  • Skilled traders, trainers and artisans practice the animal-husbandry of mega-fauna
  • A creature that is a mammoth with some kind of a twist to it
  • The study of optiks and lenses is fashionable among natural scientists/wizards
  • Make a rumour table about the Elves (who are mistrusted generally in the north)
  • Location: The Unbreachable Maze of Someone. A dungeon/elaborate treasure vault protected by the usual traps, monsters and so forth but where certain sections of the dungeon are also time-stopped or time-slowed. The dungeon reclaims the eventual dead, and that's why there are thousands of re-animated skeletons guarding it, but of course the prize at the centre is worth it...
I have very talented friends who are getting things done. And I want to be someone who gets things done too. So enough with "thinking" and "note-making". Time for writing and doing.

Oh, and happy 2014! (he says on the 14th of January)

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