Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Kait Legendary - a Kamikaze Librarian

Later today I'm playing in my first game in months (wife's online Masters is cancelled for tonight and am FLAILSNAILing for the first time into a game I've heard is good). I've also wanted to play as a Kamikaze Librarian ever since I saw Patrick's post last year.

Kait Legendary ("KL") was in a knowledge cult for a little while - the Burning Order - but realised that they were deliberately hoarding to deprive others. The name Burning Order comes from their imperative to rule and to destroy the scholarly treasure troves of others (after making sure they have a copy for themselves). Anywho, KL left before she took her novice exams, but was seriously bitten by the scroll-bug, and loves to collect scrolls, parchments, maps and books for her own personal library. When she has enough she plans to exhibit and set up shop in the University District of Wetham.

Until that time she adventures! Either she finds interesting and useful things on her travels or she finds the means to buy interesting and useful things on her travels. It's all the same to her. She looks like a hulked out Scarlett Johansson (because why not).

(stats below the fold)

(stats and everything originally done in LotFP but I think we're playing S&W so that might change things)
CHA13 (+1)
STR18 (+3)
WIS13 (+1)

HP: 4
Armour: Leather armour (in LotFP that's AC14 in ascending, but is that lower in S&W?)

d8 axe (can be wielded one- or two-handed)
d3 cestus

Chalk x 2 colours (white and yellow)
Ink and pen
Candle x 10
Soap x 1
Empty vials x 2
Small mallet
Torches x 2
Two empty scroll cases
20 feet of rope
Specialist tools

Approx 25sp in coins (LotFP standard)

Kamikaze Librarian Special Stuff
Level 1 (two rolls on +Patrick Stuart's awesome list)
2: Two skill points spent on sleight of hand and tinkering (so 2 in 6 chance at either, 1 in 6 at other thief/specialist things)
67: Five Thousand Furies in the Teeth of the Gods. You know the names of 5000 furies from scraping for weeks through broken cuneiform script. Well you sort of know them, you kind of forgot most and they blur a little into one after a while. If you can point at a person (or intelligent monster) and name correctly the thing they have done that would enrage the Kindly Ones then the Fury of that particular act will plunger out of the heavens and fill you with divine rage. So long as you are trying to kill that particular person. Plus (=your level) attacks and plus (=your level) damage for each hit so long as you fight that person. Pass out for minutes =your level after fight is over. Once per game for every time rolled.

KL has a a suite of rooms above a bookshop owned by a friend of the family in Wetham. In the back she collects things and curates them.
She has a selection of 2 magical books, 4 prayer books from various traditions and 2 scrolls that she has recovered and preserved (that are "special" in some way, but not necessarily magical or game-altering).

For each exhibit of a type (sword, vase, picture, style, era, genre, author, smith.) retrieved and preserved safely by you. Once per game you may assess any item of that type. Roll a percentage dice.

-if the first d10 is under the number retreieved, the price, makup, creator, likely owner and any other mundane information within reason are known.
-if the 2 d10s, taken as a 2-digit number, are lower than the total slain, you know EVERYTHING that may be useful about that item. Including magical effects, strange conspiracies, likely plot relevance e.t.c

Identicals or multiple mundane examples don't count, max is 90, collected after that just goes to bragging rights at your FLGS.


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  1. Keeping track: in her first adventure in the House of Hours, KL earned 269XP and got a 10% bonus because of her CHA and WIS scores, making a total of 296XP.

    Come on Level 2!