Sunday, 26 April 2015

Into The Oort: Ships 2

In Into The Oort, ships have three stats, just like player characters. They also reflect, sort-of, the features or attributes of the player stats (which at the moment have the same name as stats in Into The Odd, Strength, Dexterity, Willpower). The three stats in Oort for ships are currently:
  • HULL: the physical structure of the ship; the exterior, the interior, how spaceworthy it is, and so on. It is no indicator of size particularly, or speed - it is more about resilience.
  • DRIVE: a measure of how fast a ship is and also how well it handles. It is used almost-directly to calculate transit times across large distances (a hex can be crossed in 20-DRIVE days by a ship), and over short distances it is needed to make difficult manoeuvres.
  • SCAN: the sensors of the ship - whether those are heat-based, x-ray, optical wavelengths or radio transmissions. It is also a measure of how good those systems are for understanding what signals have been picked up.
Unlike characters, rolls are made under the ship stats for active choices rather than saves. For example:
  • Roll under the SCAN stat when you are trying to look for something.
  • Roll under the DRIVE score when there is a difficult comet debris trail to navigate.
  • Roll less than your HULL when you're trying to maintain the ship in a difficult situation.
Does that make sense? I hope so. I don't have much more to say about ships today, I suppose I just wanted to clarify or share a few more details beyond what I mentioned in the last post.

I'm creating tables that generate the appearance of ships, but my impetus for doing so is for NPC ships to be generated quickly. Players could use some them though, but appearance could also be left to player-choice - so long as they can choose fast. As with Into The Odd, I aim for players to get playing ASAP. At the time of writing I'm constructing a table to give some details of the features of the ship - does it have something special like missiles, a cloaking device or a leaking engine coil? Or is it perhaps owned by someone else or a notorious past?


  1. Did you take Into the Oort any further?

  2. Hey Nick,
    Thanks for your questions. It's the current project that I'm working on now, but am working to get it so that it's more playable than it was - what I had previously were a lot of individual documents and tables and ideas - and I knew how they were all connected (just about) but anyone else looking at it wouldn't have known where to start.
    I'm hoping to have something like a playtest document available for February/March 2016!
    All the best,