Wednesday, 27 April 2016

d100 Ship Names for the Oort Cloud

Out in the Oort Cloud people use spaceships. Sure, you could have a lot of fun playing a game about asteroid mining, or what happens on the last human outpost, but for my money you can have more fun flying between different places and causing trouble looking for interesting things along the way. That means spaceships.

I've posted a work in progress idea before about what ships are going to be like in the game, both game-mechanically and setting-wise, but one thing I've not mentioned is names. I am a massive fan of the late Iain M. Banks. The names of the Culture Ships in his novels are astounding; I love the thought, the humour, the outlandishness and sometimes the way a name can make you go "Huh? Why that?" While the spaceships in Into The Oort are going to be much, much lower down the technology ladder than a Culture GSV, two aspects of their names are things that I want to follow: the ship classes and their names.

I'll follow up in another post about ship classes, but for today I want to share a starting point, d100 spaceship names. If you're playing Into The Oort you're free to do what you want, make some up, come up with a cool setting idea and have them be derived from that. Or you can use some of my names, from the list below the cut. And if you do check them out, scroll down to the end for another thing to expect from Into The Oort.

d100 spaceship names
1 Endangered Knife
2 Toddler's Rage
3 False Gemini
4 Puny Mortal
5 Weakly Godlike Incompetence
6 Musically Diverse
7 Verbal Diahorrea
8 Credit Crunch
9 Tic-Tac-Toe
10 Verily Forsooth
11 Dot Dot Dash Dash
12 My Darling
13 Statistical Violation
14 Climate Control
15 Compassionate Conservatism
16 Ghost Tour
17 Apolitical Ambition
18 Bring On The Night
19 Family Values
20 For The Want Of A Shoe
21 Single Serving
22 Non-Stop To Orion
23 Minutiae Overfocus
24 Fire Ant Colony
25 Squid Ink Injection
26 Fortuitous Foresight
27 The Olde Sailor
28 Ghetto Burger
29 Goat Jesus
30 Po-tay-to Po-tah-to
31 Inappropriate Building Material
32 Clockwork Artichoke
33 Twisted Nerve
34 Table Scraps
35 Semaphore Misunderstanding
36 Latrine Detail
37 Clever Use Of Irony
38 Minor Vexation
39 Philosophy Of Mind
40 Nested Bracket
41 Clusterfunk
42 Confit Of Arrogance
43 Feynman Anagram
44 Rhyme Or Reason
45 Caesar Salad
46 Cornerstone
47 Tech Noir
48 Act IV, Scene II
49 Next To Nothing
50 Long Odds
51 Vulcan Paramour
52 Coriolis Farce
53 Mersey Beating
54 Dyson's Fear
55 Waterproof Lipstick
56 Mediocre Sophomore Effort
57 Random Encounter
58 The Unknown Integer
59 Freezerburn
60 Public Display Of Infection
61 Calamity
62 Gordian Knot
63 Frangipane
64 Just Kidding
65 Mind Your Ps And Qs
66 Poincare Conjecture
67 Slugman Centrefold
68 Renn Fair Tragedy
69 Boiling Fudgsicle
70 Small Delights
71 Wiggle Room
72 Read The Side Effects
73 Last President
74 Do Not Disturb
75 Hurried Monologue
76 Nuclear Tramp Steamer
77 Serene And Sublime
78 Mastication Slur
79 Comedy Or Tragedy
80 Numbering Sixty-Six Books
81 Remember The Alamo
82 Greater Fallacy
83 Lightbulb Moment
84 Book Burning
85 Yeah, Whatever
86 Semblance Of Sanity
87 Step Off Sunshine
88 Gorgeous
89 Overbaked Alaska
90 Frantic Fumbles
91 Misery Loves Company
92 Blind Watchmaker
93 King Of Pain
94 Micromanagement
95 Diceless Game
96 Quasi Agnos Ad Victimam
97 Mea Culpa
98 The Best Of Friends
99 Former Child Star
100 Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

Into The Oort Project Detail Teaser
So, most of these 100 names will probably make it into Into The Oort. I'm planning to send a teaser/playtest pack out once I finally pull my finger out on chargen and shipgen and make a decision. Any great names resulting from any playtests might make it onto the list as well, if people are happy. I might need some help; at the moment I'm thinking it might have a d1000 table of spaceship names, or at the very least, have the names broken down in an appendix across categories by length or something. Anyway. That's where this might be going. Or is 100 enough?

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