Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Somewhere South: Two Uses for Gingerbread Curse

Previously: the party (Patrick and David) killed Arvik Bleeve, the thorn in their side, and dumped his body in the river. Bleeve's relative attacked others in the party, but were then killed themselves. A retainer of the party ended up dead, and so they held a great wake in her honour. Towards the end of the street party an urchin approaches one of the party with a note from someone who saw the party dump Arvik Bleeve's body into the Weth...

The party, Rowntree the Elf and Orchard the Magic-user, set out to find new bar staff. Orchard realises that he has little in the way of armour or weapons, and so a few stops are made in the market. They encounter a couple of street gangs, and through aide given seem to form a positive connection with one of them.

In Wetham's Knowledge Quarter (a district of universities, colleges and magic guilds) they recruit two bar staff and have a confrontation at the Guild of Insane Mages when Orchard - who believes himself to be pretty crazy - demands entry. This does not go well, but at least nobody dies. At the Bell & Troglodyte student bar, after recruiting their barman, Rowntree's keen elf senses alert him to the fact that they are being followed. A short chase unfolds: Rowntree corners the tail, who reveals himself to be Gorble of Corg. He saw Orve and Vaskin dump Arvik Bleeve's body and is going to blackmail the party to help him with a job he needs doing. Rowntree attempts to first of all kick Gorble off the roof, and then tries Charming him, but Gorble is a reasonably-levelled Specialist and makes his saves. He says he will be in touch...

On the street, Orchard runs in to two of Gorble's associates. One of them picks his pockets, and in a rage Orchard grabs the man's head and casts Shrink on it - the ensuing mess and instant death draws a crowd, but Rowntree meets him and uses the Gingerbread Curse (see below) to turn the dead man into baked goods which they then give out to street urchins and students. They leave before the spell wears off and any side effects become known...

Orchard and Rowntree decide to scope out a house where they believe a friend of a friend is being held against her will. Kaspar Von Bleak, has a Dorian Gray painting which holds his love of music, the price for being immortal. Over the years he has captured, bought and enslaved musicians and singers to make music just for him, all in a hope of keeping his sanity in place. Elsa Holmen (see below) is Von Bleak's latest house guest, and the party want to release her.

The next day: using a combination of two Shrink spells, a Gingerbread Curse and a speedy bakery, Rowntree the Elf infiltrates the Von Bleak house disguised as one among many gingerbread men in an order. When the spell wears off he sneaks around until he is able to let Orchard in. They kill a dog to create a distraction, and then find Von Bleak. They Charm him and while Rowntree distracts him and rifles through his library and silverware, Orchard burns the portrait. With Von Bleak collapsed due to magical shock they make their escape: as a final distraction they fake Von Bleak's suicide by throwing him out of a fourth storey window at the front of the house, while using doses of pixie vomit to magically fly out of the back of the house.

Yeah, it was one of those nights.

New Retainers: Zeera Enzhyme is ticked off at the world and in particular the Guild of Insane Mages. Oxnard Destrucht was found in the corner of a student bar playing Magical Gatherings, a card game.
Creative Magic 1: When Patrick said, "I grab the guy's head and cast Shrink!" there was really only one way that was going to end. Blood, death and screaming. It made it even worse somehow that this was done in broad daylight in a busy street, outside of a busy bar...
Creative Magic 2: ...but then it was all OK because David used the Gingerbread Curse (from Lamentations of the Gingerbread Princess) to turn the dead body into gingerbread. "It's just some magical performance art, here take some!"
Elsa Holmen: A pregnant opera singer - and an NPC from Somewhere North. Patrick's character from that setting, Külk, is the father. Somewhere South takes place approximately seven months in the future of Somewhere North. (aside from small connections like this, I haven't figured out what that seven month difference means...yet)
XP Watch: 2910 in total - as Patrick was just using Orchard in this session all of his share went to him, and he went up a level as a result.
Creative Magic 3: The plan to infiltrate Von Bleak's house through disguising Rowntree as an actual gingerbread man was inspired - just crazy enough that it had to work.

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