Wednesday, 2 September 2015

People in Oddpool

When I ran a game set in Oddpool, I was of course influenced by the people of the city. At the same time, the game city is supposed to be a ruin, filled with weird creatures, strange architecture and general bizarreness. The people who live in Oddpool do so in small groups/gangs, with their own customs, their own wants and needs, and their own ways of interacting with others. When I ran my game, I just slapped Redmen and Bluemen in, as substitutes for football supporters, but for the Pocketmod I wanted something better.

I've been heavily inspired by David McGrogan's inspiration tables over the years (I've shared a few of my own on this blog before), so it seemed like the most natural fit for the Pocketmod would be to provide a little inspiration tool for generating groups and gangs of Skalls: rolling gives a couple of details to then inspire the GM to create the rest of the group. I've used the table to generate the following, Skalls you may find on the streets of Oddpool.

Nineteen kids that have really embraced Lord of the Flies as a manual for life. They hunt others for trophies - ears and fingers - and worship their weapons, typically bows (d6) and daggers (d6). Their leader, John Augustus, twelve years old (STR7, DEX10, WIL13, 3HP) has an old leather jacket that has saved him from many a stab (Armour 1), and a serrated dagger (d8) called Nevermiss. The Kinderhunters pay homage every night to a stone plaque that rests in a loft near the Dragon Gate.

Anarchist teens with longswords (d8). Over thirty of them dispersed through burnt out shops on Bold Street, many are siblings and cousins and believe that's the only real bond to follow. They hoard and trade memory crystals, knowing what they are but having no way to unlock them. No leader but a nineteen year old woman who they look to for advice. Queen Jess (STR10, DEX10, WIL13, 2HP) wears a long coat of license plate scraps (Armour 1) and has a rotating retinue of half a dozen other teens with her at all times.

The One-Sevens
See a blue "17" on the road or a building wall and know you're on their turf. Covered in robes and rags, you may see a glimpse of purple-green flesh beneath; these mutants avenge their dead, warn away the unarmed but kill anyone they deem dangerous. They prefer to hide, but come out in force if needed, armed with short swords and slings (d6). They are lead by a tall un-named individual (STR9, DEX10, WIL13, 1HP). This mutant carries a spear (d8), wears an ornately carved wooden ring on one of the three fingers on their left hand, and sports an odd two-piece outfit that is almost certainly an Arcana.

(Shell Suit: Two-piece synthetic fibre garment. Twice per day can be activated, fibres become rigid like plates and give the wearer Armour 3 for fifteen minutes.)

The little inspirations in the Oddpool Pocketmod give over 4,000 combinations, and combined with the results for a treasure table give 80,000+ sets of ideas to give a GM thoughts on who players might meet on the weird streets of Oddpool.

Coming tomorrow: a few more details about what to expect from Oddpool, which will be released on Friday!

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