Thursday, 17 September 2015

What are those d8 Naythun Riders doing?

At the end of July, Chris McDowall wrote a post about his patrons, creating a load of people inspired by them. I've met Chris a couple of times, and I thought we got along, so was expecting that the people inspired by me would be cool ninjas, awesome dudes of noble birth, or at the very least a bunch of amazing bandits. Instead:
17: d8 Naythun Riders - Bearded Men riding Naked Men Twisted into Emu-Shape
3hp, Riding Crop (d6) OR Naythun Kick (d6)

- Offer you a chance to feed or pet their steed. 
- Muzzle their Naythun if it tries to scream out in repressed sapience.
- Defend their steeds to the death and nuzzle it uncomfortably.

Thanks Chris.

What Chris doesn't know is that the Naythun Riders have a strange and complicated society, and there are lots of subgroups and clans that one could meet on the road. In fact, researchers who have observed them - even lived with them for a time - have identified a score of situations in which they are met. When you meet Naythun Riders on the road they are...
  1. Arguing over who has the most magnificent beard.
  2. In the middle of racing their Naythuns.
  3. Mourning the death of a Naythun.
  4. Singing loudly and tunelessly.
  5. Debating the merits of various beard care regimens.
  6. Sitting drinking, halfway to a drunken stupor.
  7. Shaming one of their number by shaving his beard off.
  8. Planning a feast.
  9. Forming a raiding party.
  10. Looking for somewhere to camp for the night.
  11. Trying to find something to drink.
  12. Trying to find treasure that they hid when they were drunk.
  13. Celebrating a young rider's first facial hairs.
  14. Looking for new potential Naythuns to train.
  15. Writing bad haiku / That's exploring life and death / And, like, things. Yeah.
  16. Grooming their Naythuns.
  17. Playing a game of pretend and make believe.
  18. Washing their beards in blood and water.
  19. Plotting murder.
  20. Committing murder.
If they're plotting murder or committing murder you can be sure that their target is one of the Creesmac D'Walls - undead sommeliers from an underverse vineyard, 3hp, Glass Bottle (d6) or Boneblade (d6)...

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