Thursday, 29 March 2012

More Microscope

My friend P, from our gaming group, has put together a timeline of the space-time continuum that we built on Tuesday playing Microscope and posted it on his blog. Go and check it out, it's particularly cool I think, especially for paragraphs like this:

Karl-4 the Hyper-Neanderthal President of Humanity is persuaded to let Echelon VII lead the Ontological-Warhead strike by Stanislaw Brock the Grand Hierophant of Earth. Echelon VII will encode humanity in the Sun's Corona then seed Jupiter with self-creating nanoswarms that will transform the Jovian mass into a Hypermind that can re-constitute and recreate mankind. Sigmund Ross - Chief Warlock, and mutated psychic, and Augustus Schwarzkopf, 11-Star General of the United Military of Mankind, decide not to accept the offer and will stay and to fight to the death.
(yes, that really is how things played out; we took every single half-remembered hard sci-fi idea we had ever heard and spewed them out over the course of three hours)

Really looking forward to our first one-shot game in this shared universe now!

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