Tuesday, 27 March 2012

TNG Season 8/In A Wicked Age Mashup

I've been thinking about Oracles since I had so much fun with In A Wicked Age last week. I cannot be the first person to think about them as a great way, not only of setting up one-shot games, but of developing campaigns, quests and the like in much longer games.

I've also really been loving the Twitter account, @TNG_S8, which are the always humourous, always plausible synopses of the continuing Season 8 adventures of the Enterprise-D. It hit me this morning when P and D from my game group retweeted a few that @TNG_S8 - or something very much like it - would make for a great game, and something which could be set up and played very, very speedily using the mechanics of In A Wicked Age.

There are six dice pools in In A Wicked Age, and I think that only a few of them would have to be renamed, if, for example, the player characters were restricted slightly to play Starfleet personnel. The mechanics would work exactly the same, rolling when in conflict, each character carrying a different strength. Data and Picard might be a bit too powerful for player characters (special strengths, Android and Captain respectively). Riker, Troi, Crusher and Geordi should all be fine, Worf too.

I'm not sure if this would be the most serious game in the world - but it would make for some interesting plots I think. And it could be interesting as well to play a game that was formatted a little like a genre TV show. noisms has told me about a game before which was a little like this - it was maybe called Primetime Adventures? I might have to check it out.

All in all, perhaps something worth tinkering with! I have other ideas running in the background about Oracle based games. There are so many settings which it could work well with; and I'm convinced that in terms of providing background events for a long running game it could be really, really useful. More thoughts on that another time perhaps.

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