Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Games Night: BRING IT!

We couldn't get everyone together to play Dogs In The Vineyard last night, so once again Patrick offered to run a Lamentations of the Flame Princess session for me and David. As with our previous session we were playing with Charley (Specialist), Chastity (Fighter) and Aleph (Cleric of Namco, God of Idle Pursuits) but there were two big differences:
  1. We decided very early on that we were going for treasure and XP rather than out and out exploration.
  2. My characters had silver to spend and more levels than the last time they had met Aleph.
The first thing that we did - after meeting a crazy skeleton with roses for eyes - was to spend some money and really try to get some crazy weapons. We had a mission: to go and kill a vampire, who was by all accounts very old and powerful. We needed something to tip the balance in our favour, especially since we were going into a dungeon with rumours of undead creatures.

Chastity and Charley assisted a corrupt lawyer with a trial by pies (direct from Vornheim), and were allowed to buy a random magical item from her collection. This was a good choice: a massive two-handed mace (d10 for damage!) for Chastity which had the magical effect of draining a level with every hit. The mace stores 1d4+4HD and when the limit is reached summons a random creature that serves the wielder faithfully, so long as the mace remains in their possession.

This proved to be great fun: three creatures were summoned last night, and the dice randomly generated three giant mantis insect things, Dave, Dave Two and Arthur. The PCs were level 3/4, but a pack of vampiric level 1 dogs were causing us some trouble, until the mace charged up and delivered Dave to us. We had a long hard slog against a dozen zombies - Charley lost an ear; he's not the prettiest of sights - who killed and ate Dave, just as Dave Two arrived.

We found the vampire, Smile, and had a confused but lucky fight against him (Chastity got charmed and gave away the mace, causing the two giant insects to go berserk). In the end, an NPC that was with us was fighting Smile and alas the vampire rolled a 1: they teetered over the edge of a volcanic vent and fell to their doom...

Lots of treasure in the form of gold pieces (each worth 50 silvers) and enough XP for Charley to level up and Chastity to start her journey to 4. However, we've learned that Smile might not be dead, and that there is a parasite of some kind in him that has to be killed/removed. Dun dun dun!

All in all a great evening! And as much as I'm looking forward to GMing Dogs next week, I'm also looking forward to playing more LotFP. Maybe I should put it on my Christmas list...

I was totally thinking of something like Ramona's hammer when Patrick said "Describe it." d10 for damage, oh yeah. Totally worth not having a shield. I might get a helm from now on though...

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