Saturday, 19 May 2012

Games Night: Isle of the Unknown

Another evening on the Isle of the Unknown, and we went into even stranger and darker territory. We made big mistakes; one of our fighters used his magic sword to save us at the last minute again; we made little overall progress in getting things actually done, but went to some strange places while we did it.

A big event which I think was a turning point for my character came at the end of a deeply uncomfortable encounter with an NPC cleric/mage. It was all going so well, until our characters started talking in a group... The healer got angry, I tried to explain the situation and placate him, but he was having none of it; it ended up with me on my knees in front of him, begging him to believe my (for once true) story. I was then cursed: if I take an innocent life my own life will be forfeit, I will be struck down. I think this is going to be a great new direction for Henry Shortbread, and I'm already trying to play him differently as a result of this curse sitting on his shoulder.

We fought goblins that tried to kidnap our most ill member (we don't know why, we fought them off), we encountered the Sorrowful Dead (zombies!) just a mile from the town gates and barely escaped with our lives, and fought an evil vampire monkey (which bested us). We're on our way to clear out a keep which has a monster in residence and a group of bandits lurking nearby. We are in no shape for the fight really; our group is no longer all that cohesive, in many respects we stick together because we are all tarred with the same brush in the town of Scrodd.

What will happen next? I'm not sure. The last time I had this sort of feeling about a character I was playing as Chaplain, my Gunlugger in Apocalypse World, and I felt sure that he was about to die. He didn't, so maybe Henry will live as well. I have my doubts though...

Memorable Moments from Games Night
Patrick (DM): "You can hang around with the guards and play with your swords."

(maybe you had to be there; we laughed)

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