Thursday, 3 May 2012

Posts I Keep Meaning To Write

I have lots of ideas for things that I want to write on here. And I most definitely want to get back to connecting maths with RPGs. Here are some things that I've got in development:
  • simulating dice rolls, and how that is the same (homomorphic!) as random generation for a large number of entries.
  • breaking down random generation sensibly, possibly using a schema of books, pages, tables, rows, columns, entries.
  • building proofs. How amazing it is that you can show something once and know that it is true, and can be applied in other places. And also that proofs can be combined to produce even bigger results!
  • more on the zombie game that I want to play, and which proof-like I am putting together.
  • Oracle games in general - looking for innovation out there, and seeing what I can contribute.
  • dice probabilities; thinking towards a resource for different ways that dice rolls can be combined, to then help myself (and others?) who are looking for mechanisms that work for them.
  • more Wicked Wednesday posts with "strengths" for NPCs in In A Wicked Age.
Anything else that I should be thinking about?

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